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Romain Vidal
2 min readJan 27, 2021


UpSkilling is now one of the top four concerns of CEOs worldwide (according to PWC’s Global CEO Survey)

Add to this the Covid-19 crisis, which makes most traditional employee upskilling methodologies irrelevant: it becomes clear that most companies are not equipped to tackle this issue in the near future.

UpSkilling is about finding ways to help your employees acquire new skills or improve the ones they already have.

We believe that one of the easiest ways to do this is to start by letting knowledge flow through your company. The amount of unshared knowledge within a given organization is usually astonishing. One of the reasons for this is the lack of tools to share it easily.

This brings us to EasyMovie, the leading Saas helping large companies unleash knowledge flows within their organizations. The moment we saw it and used it, we knew we needed to be a part of it. Today we’re pleased to announce that CapHorn is investing in EasyMovie.

First of all, we fell in love with the team

Nicolas is a charismatic leader, a visionary and an inspiring person who has long been helping companies to use video within their organizations.

Julien impressed us with his analytical skills and his natural ability to structure teams and processes in rapidly changing environments.

They believe anyone has something to share, even though they may not be aware of the value of their knowledge.

Julien presents EasyMovie

They are convinced that they can unleash everyone’s knowledge and that we need to be more connected for the efficiency and well-being of all — and to the greater benefit of the organization.

And of course we were impressed by their unique product:

EasyMovie is designed for the corporate environment with:

- A state-of-the-art administration platform with extensive role management to create”video templates”: the backbone that ensures that all skill sharing videos look and feel the same, follow brand guidelines and make the content consistent and well categorized.

- A mobile app for video creation for employees that is easy to use and adopt, with no skill set required to create videos.

We believe in the use of video for knowledge sharing and that video can replace PowerPoint in the medium term. The sheer adoption of video in our daily lives (see how Youtube performs), the long lasting digitization trend, combined with the adoption of remote workplaces reinforces our belief that video will become second nature, and Easy Movie can create a new internal use for knowledge sharing in companies. See an example below :

Sales Enablement use case of EasyMovie

We are convinced that EasyMovie is a must-have product for large companies looking to unleash knowledge sharing. And if this is your case, we strongly recommend you give it a try!



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