The great resignation, what’s next ? (episode 2/2)

Episode 2 : It’s not that simple

The difficult balance between enjoyment well being and performance

A New Employer Brands Hierarchy & Categorization

  • The very ambitious vs the more conservatives:
  • What’s your priority : growth and market share or margins and profitability ?
  • The local employers vs the real global teams, The climate defenders, The social activists, The places to grow and learn, The “We only care about money”, etc.

Questions for the future

  • Glassdoor has been around for a while, and is far from being perfect. Smart people know it and use its rating as a general indicator but don’t trust it for real
  • Labels, such as Bcorp or GreatPlaceToWork are at different stages, Bcorp being probably the most trusted, but we’re already seeing how these models lose trust over time, often because they focus on who we measure vs what results we see, and also their economic model can force them to open wider doors to let more money in …



Founder / People First / Entrepreneur / VC / Athletes

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Romain Vidal

Romain Vidal

Founder / People First / Entrepreneur / VC / Athletes