The State of Retail Tech M&A in Europe and the USA

Evolution of RetailTech M&A per year
share of retail tech m&a in the US per category since 2015

What can explain such a difference ?

We’ve identified 4 possible reasons :

  • US retailers are seeing the most direct competition from Tech players like Amazon and Apple. They have seen them win marketshare and have quickly understood that tech must play a crucial role in their success.
  • Tech companies more generally are playing a huge role in the US economy compared to Europe. This puts US retailers in a more direct understanding of how tech impacts society.
  • Us Tech Startups are much more funded than their European counterparts (which explains the above). Megarounds help with being visible and attracting talents and therefore help these companies get on the radar of Retailers and make them more attractive m&a targets
  • Finally there is a general cultural difference between the US and Europe : Europe has always been less risk savvy and pro entrepreneurs than the US. For big corporates this generally means the “make or buy” choice will more frequently end up in a “make” decision in Europe.



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Romain Vidal

Romain Vidal

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