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Romain Vidal
3 min readJan 7, 2022


I’ve been a VC for 11 years, an entrepreneur for more than 15 and a dad for 4.5 years

I’ve always dreamt about one thing : raising happy children

For a while I’ve been thinking about what I could do to align my work with my personal goals.

One thing stands out :

As investors we try to help build world leading companies

But how many investors think further than the money they’ll make in a few years ?

I started obsessing over one simple question : are VC-backed businesses a place where I’d advise my kids to work ?

Sadly, for some of the most well known ones: No. I wouldn’t.

There’ve been books about Uber’s culture and others. I don’t feel the need to comment on specific cultures. But I know some things are very wrong in a lot of startups.

“Move fast and break things” sometimes should read “Move fast and break people”

I can’t stand by that.

Luckily, there’s a bit of trend going on nowadays :

Kids (and smarter than average older people) started picking jobs with a very different set of rules.

I had already decided to be an entrepreneur at that time, but all my friends in business school were just obsessed with the title and the resume they were building with “JP Morgan” , “Bain” or whatever

Nowadays they look for social and environmental responsibility. They look for purpose. For meaning. For how inspiring their boss is. And how they might grow and learn in this environment.

A lot more “Why” and a lot less “What”

To me this is the perfect timing to make a huge bet on where this is going :

A massive reshuffling of global leaders, with top talents leaving toxic and meaningless jobs and leaders, to join a new generation of people-centric, purpose-driven leaders.

In 15 years, no global leader in their field will get away with toxic culture.

Growth that burns people will become Growth of the past

That’s why we created Olympact

Oh and then we received a letter from the international olympic committee saying we can’t use that name …

So that’s why we’re changing our name to Teampact

In the coming weeks :

1.We’ll tell you more about how it started, featuring my amazing first co-founder Benjamin Kayser

2. You’ll find out about our second co-founder Basile Agay and his mission to partner with the best people-first climate-focused founders

3.Them two being rugby athletes, we’ll start going into the sport part of TeamPact, and the bridge we are building between both worlds

4. You’ll get to know the Core Team of Partners : Clémence, Sarah, Seb, Bruno, Basile & Florent

5. We’ll tell you more about our mission and who we’re here to help

6. You’ll get the story about that name change and what we’ve learnt :)

Originally published at https://teampactventures.substack.com on January 7, 2022.



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